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AFH221639 - suitable for John Deere
Part number AFH221639
Manufacturer John Deere
Height 31.00 cm
Width 5.00 cm
Lenght 125.00 cm
Weight 8.6 kg
Excl. VAT

Enjoy the use of a Arm with the original part number AFH221639 to fit to your agricultural or horticultural machinery that has been produced in USA by John Deere.

As many operators in the agricultural sector already know, the John Deere brand is associated with long-lasting parts and superior materials, so buyers can purchase John Deere spares with confidence.

Prepare by buying a Arm AFH221639 for your storeroom ready to use whenever it may be necessary at a price of €200.04.

We will package your Arm up properly to ensure that it is undamaged during transit.

About John Deere

An American firm based in Illinois, John Deere is a global brand today, known for its distinctive green and yellow livery. Founded in Vermont in 1804, the company is mostly associated with agricultural machinery, notably tractors for which it makes everything including drivetrains, gearboxes and engine components. In addition, John Deere manufactures commercial mowers, garden maintenance machines and some construction equipment tools.

John Deere's spares are sold globally. The firm makes its own spare parts and helps buyers to locate the spares they want.


John Deere's spare parts – even its remanufactured and alternative parts – come with a warranty. The length of time parts and spares are covered varies from 3 to 36 months but for most types of spare parts, at least 12 months warranty from the date of purchase can be expected.

Why order at PARTLANS

  • Genuine John Deere parts that are new and ready to be fitted to currently used John Deere equipment.
  • Maintenance parts by John Deere that help to maximise performance and maintain compliance with emissions.
  • Numerous agricultural spares for John Deere machinery as well as parts for lawn and garden maintenance tools.
  • Consumable John Deere maintenance parts – such as filters, batteries and coolants – are available throughout the world.
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